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Nice surprise!

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I thought I'd test my running shoes to see if I went sliding everywhere and to my complete surprise they didn't budge! Two things crossed my mind:hmm looks like I'm going to have to run for 25 minutes and secondly aha! but will I slip when running? Wow what an exhilarating run. Kept an eye on the path(I run round a park) to take care on any slippy bits and did it! Slower than usual but didn't fall and that was the important bit! Quite a few runners out and I was scanning their soles for spikes/yaktrax but didn't see any. I did find the cold air hard to breathe in, but not uncomfortable. Even managed to sing along to a song and felt the stares of people thinking, she's crazy and running in this!!!

Finally Laura said that's it,stopped walking and promptly skidded!! The irony, anyway only a little bit. So to think I wasn't even going to bother, and just order the spikey things. If anyone else has 'Adidas Response 19 cushion,' the good news is they do not slip. Hurray!!!

I'm shattered now :P

4 Replies
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Well done Susie and for braving it, not knowing if you would be able to run or not :)

Yes, I found the cold air had me breathless a few times as well so had to slow down but still managed a sing-along too!! :D

Sue x

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well done you!!

I invested in a pair of trail shoes for this purpose and find they give you that little bit more grip

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Well done you! I have already posted how much I admire all of you doing this in such icy conditions!

I did weeks 1 to 7 in the gym and whilst I had to suffer the cold from weeks 8 on I didnt have to risk slipping on ice or snow!

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Beautifully done, Susie!! It sounds like the 25 minutes went by without much trouble and you are another run closer to that wonderful "Graduate" badge!! Well done!!

Keep Running!! :-)


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