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After the recent thread about running and buffs, in an idle moment, I googled them. And found this rather hilarious, but nevertheless informative video.

Polar buffs too! And my goodness, what a lot of ways to wear them. I particularly want to try out the face-guard fold, as my skin really doesn't like cold air.

And apparently they're called buffs from the Spanish bufanda, scarf.

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  • Unreal just how versatile it is.

  • Hysterical, thanks, I needed a laugh! What's even funnier is that I think I want one....and I didn't even know I needed one.....before a few minutes ago.

  • Yes, Norni - exactly how I felt! I loved the bit where he puts his hands into both ends and twiddles - tada! - a pirate cap! (At least I think that's what it looked like.) Sorry if I've caused you to spend money! It's a good advertising video anyway.

    I'm off to find out where to get one now.

  • I use one all the time to keep my ears warm. Got some new ideas now too! :-)


  • I managed pick up a pair for a fiver just before Christmass at either Primark or TK Maxx. Didn't realise that I could do quite so much with it.

  • As a seasoned hiker and buff wearer I have 3. No make that 4 of the things. I have a use he doesn't show. I use one as a pillowcase when camping; it's perfect to stretch over a 'dry bag' (a waterproof nylon bag) with my downie jacket inside. Better than any camping pillows.

  • Have used one of these for years when motorcycling, never as a hat though. Must dig it out for running if this cold weather continues :-)

  • A ha!

    I wondered where I'd seen them before as some of the lads used them in my biking days. I don't think we called them that and the lads certainly didn't use them for anything other than covering their mouth/throat.

    Although I don't really feel the cold when i go out, I think I want one now too.

  • Once you go buff, you won't ever go back! ;-) Mine was a Christmas gift from Steve and also one of my favorite toys to play with! I love it during cold weather, it protects, but no over-heating. Gayle

  • Hmmmmmmm Buff!!!!!

    You know, I really do need one!


  • Glad it didn't just entertain me. :)

    I have now also looked at videos of how to tie a square scarf to protect my face (already have a square scarf, so now don't need a buff - but I want one!) and all sorts of things about barefoot style shoes - vibram five fingers and make-your-own-huaraches (very tempting to have a go at that in the summer).

    I really ought to be doing some paperwork. But youtube is so much more fun.

  • Yep! Its happening!!!! You will find many things you NEED to add to your running gear/gadget inventory!!!!! :-) It truly is an addiction! I wonder if there is a support group for all of us? Runners anonymous? :-) Gayle

  • I have one of the ones that's half buff fabric and half fleece, which I have as a neckwarmer/ face mask for skiing.

  • Proud owner of 2 buffs here! A brilliant piece of kit :)

  • Me too - I've got a wool one and microfibre. Love them!

    I usually cover my ears with it - but in this cold weather I'll be trying that nifty face fold! It's great for covering your mouth to warm up the air - I get quite wheezy when it's freezing. I think these are the original but have been widely copied.

  • Excellent advertisement-really have to buy one of these. Very funny too! Will be so useful in the damp weather, to protect my lungs, which makes me cough and wheeze.


  • The only thing with covering up mouth/nose, is that it makes my glasses steam up!

    As I havent' yet got myself a buff, I did a ninja-fold with my scarf (only eyes showing!) and it worked really well to protect my face. Still want a buff though!

  • I love my buffs. Have used them for 5 years or so, since I started cycling in the rain/wind/snow... I've lost plenty of them - most memorably in the Thar desert next to an oasis (we went swimming, I took it off and left it there :( :( )

    But they're such useful things. I never go for a run without one. :)

  • I was going to crochet one but now... Must have polar buff!

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