Moving from Week 4 to Week 5... did you repeat?

I just finished Week 4 Run 2 and it was fine, hard but I managed it.

Just asking the question because I am running on my lunchtimes at work I dont want to end up pushing so hard that I am ill and struggle at work after because I need to jump straight of the treadmill, shower and be back at my desk.

Should I repeat week 4 again or just try week 5?

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  • I would say go for it. If you end up really struggling you can adjust as you go along. But you may very well surprise yourself. Good luck.

  • yep, go for it! I was a complete newbie to running after not running since school (25 years) & I managed it so I would definately say give it a go!

    good luck. x

  • If you're coping with the runs, then definitely give the next week a go. You can always take a step back if you feel you need it, but a little bit of a challenge is a good thing. ;) I repeated a few runs during c25k when I felt I needed to and managed to complete the programme injury-free and with so much more confidence in myself than I had ever had before.

  • Hi all!

    I did manage all of week 4 ok, although the last one felt a bit tough.

    I am definitely going to try week5 R1 today at lunchtime.... eeek!

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