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Moving from Week 4 to Week 5... did you repeat?

I just finished Week 4 Run 2 and it was fine, hard but I managed it.

Just asking the question because I am running on my lunchtimes at work I dont want to end up pushing so hard that I am ill and struggle at work after because I need to jump straight of the treadmill, shower and be back at my desk.

Should I repeat week 4 again or just try week 5?

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I would say go for it. If you end up really struggling you can adjust as you go along. But you may very well surprise yourself. Good luck.


yep, go for it! I was a complete newbie to running after not running since school (25 years) & I managed it so I would definately say give it a go!

good luck. x


If you're coping with the runs, then definitely give the next week a go. You can always take a step back if you feel you need it, but a little bit of a challenge is a good thing. ;) I repeated a few runs during c25k when I felt I needed to and managed to complete the programme injury-free and with so much more confidence in myself than I had ever had before.


Hi all!

I did manage all of week 4 ok, although the last one felt a bit tough.

I am definitely going to try week5 R1 today at lunchtime.... eeek!


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