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Did the 20 minute run of wk5 run3 today, it was hard, hard but ok if that makes sense? But Laura came on and said 2 minutes left, which spurred me on, but then the bloomin podcast just cut out, for no reason, I was gutted, I had no idea how long was left, I clicked play the podcast and thought I could listen and use the timer, but then that messed up, so I ran to the end of my route, then a bit further. I feel so disappointed that I don't actually know how long I run for, I really hope I managed 20 mins. Stupid phone!

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Well done you - however long it was doesn't really matter - you did the big scary long run, without a walk in the middle, longer than you've done before. Fantastic! You are a role model for my next run!

(Have you tried plotting it on a map? If you know where you were when she said 2 minutes, and where you got to at the end, you could use the distances to roughly work out how long you ran for, if you really wanted to know. If you like maths and maps, that is. I'm weird like that.)


I'm so glad you posted Kat, well done.

It's difficult to know how long you've ran for because if you're anything like me, you'll be doing a five minute Week three run and convince yourself you've ran for ten minutes then Laura comes on and says you're halfway through....

I'd take on board what Greeners said though, you may or may not have done the whole 20 but you've certainly ran for longer than you've ever done.

Congratulations. I have that run coming up this week and it's frightening the life out of me.


Well done!!!! I bet you knocked that 20 to the curb! No worries, you KNOW you can run longer now, so move onto week 6!! YIPPPEEEE! :-) Gayle


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