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Yay finished week 2 <3

Today's run was a bit easier than Thursdays despite it pouring with ran and the sea wind cutting through me !!!! So I feel a little better at the prospect of week 3. No thinking I really should get some running trainers n socks rather than running in my netball trainers!

Still worried about week 3 but maintaining my motivation- oh and I have lost four pounds too!!!! This site is good for boosting the morale - thank you everyone

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Fair play Bexy. I run by the sea too (isn't it fabulous?) but it wasn't bad here this morning. Fortunately once I have my gloves and hat on, the cold doesn't bother me, also while it was quite windy, it wasn't biting.

The only purchase I made when I started was a cheap pair of Karrimor running shoes from Sports Direct and some socks, which I find really comfortable. Perhaps you should treat yourself before attacking Week 3?


Well done, Bex - both for the weight loss and continuing in the face of crap weather - you're nearly a quarter of the way through - by Springtime, you'll have finished and have dropped even more weight and be fit into the bargain - win/win/win.

Very inspirational!


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