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The family that runs and sweats together, stays together!!!! :-) Another Hall joins the cult!! :-)

Steve and I ran our B210K Run #2 last night and we had great company!! Our daughter Allison joined in and ran her first run of week 1 C25K!!!! :-) I am so very happy to have her join in! I guess watching her OLD parents huff and puff was enough to encourage her to do the program while she is still young and fit! ;-) Allie is 14 years old and a great kid, not sure if she will join us here in the Community...we will see. :-)

I had a new experience last night operating a treadmill! It reinforced in my mind to KNOW I prefer outdoor running! We joined a gym this week because of the Winter weather and after putting it off a few days, last night was the night to go for it even if I was full of dread. :-(

I imagined in my mind I woulds look like a leaping gazelle on that motorized thingie...instead I'm sure I looked like a baby giraffe on slippery ice...all limbs flying different directions at once! I'm a cautious person, so I was the only one in the gym clipping the safety clip to me...I found out when your running and your arm comes down and hits the strap...the treadmill instantly STOPS! :-) The actual run went well. Looking forward to run 3 then onto Week 2!!!! :-)

Hoping all of you are having a great weekend!!!! :-)


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Well done. How great to have another member of the family join you :-) well done Allie keep going and I'm sure your mum and dad will soon be trying to keep up with you! I have always liked the idea of running on a treadmill but having done it during my gait analysis don't think I would be any good. Am praying the forecast snow does arrive partly cos I hate driving in it but mainly as I would have to stop running. Good luck with your next run and roll on summer:-)


Woo-hoo! That's excellent! I love the idea that you can all run together. My runs are all solo, and I would love to have some company. Glad this is working out well for everyone! :-)


That's so nice, Gayle - well done to Allie for joining you! Re treadmills - I take my hat off to you, 'cos they make me feel dizzy and I have to hang on to the handles *g*. As Rolphie says, roll on summer, or at least spring so you can get back out there :)


I ask, what is better than me running with one beautiful lady??? That's right now I have two wonderful ladies to run with!!!! I am so blessed and lucky!!!

My dear, your imporession of a giraffe on ice was a far better introduction to treadmilling than my "near death experience!!!!" I would definitely call your run a success!!! Spring can not come soon enough!!! "Down with treadmills!" has become my new battle cry!!

I love you!!!! ;-)


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