Getting there - W8R2 in the bag

The run today was like those before Christmas: cold, wet and windy and was a bit of a shock after the gentler weather of late. But it was nice to have the rain cool me down along the way. 28 minutes is a long time to run and I focus on getting to the halfway point as after then, though panting like a steam train, I refuse to stop until the end albeit my pace gets slower and slower. In four runs time there is no way that I will be even close to doing 5k in 30 minutes. But that's ok as I can work on speed once I graduate. So fingers crossed I am looking at 21 Jan as my graduation run.

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  • 28 minutes definitely is a long time to run! Keep on panting! You are so close to graduating! I know I won't get anywhere near 5k in 30 minutes for ages (maybe never!), but I know I will be able to run for 30 minutes, hopefully in about a month's time, and that is waaaay better than struggling to do one minute!

  • Well done to you running for 28 minutes is a brilliant achievement, you should be really proud. Looking forward to reading you have graduated. Good luck :-)

  • Soooo close! I bet you can almost taste graduation.

  • Getting the Graduation bubbly ready! Such an achievement! :-) Gayle

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