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What a disastor

W1R3 total failure set off to run last night felt fine during the warm up walk. started a jog imeadiate headache which became very severe within seconds tried slowing down then walking pain increased untill I had no choice but to sit down . I was terrified the pain was that bad thought i was going to die. After 10 mins i managed to slowly walk home head pounding I felt sick too.

It took 2 hrs for the headache to ease my husband wanted to call for the paramedics I was that bad .

This morning I woke up with a dull throbbing headache so off to the Doctors . The good news is my Bloodpressure is fine and what they think it is,is a severe migraine induced by exercise which is very common. Ive been weighed and i've lost 2!b this week so pleased about that.

I have to increase my fluid intake and take things slowly but there is no reason why I shouldn't continue. I've decided to repeat the first week again untill I feel comfortable and no doubt it's going to take me a long time to complete the plan feel disapointed this is happening to me and a little scared of feeling that ill again but I'm not giving up.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did they do ?

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Hi luv, your encounter with severe head pain reminds me of exactly the

same thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I wasnt running

and i havent that problem running but the pain was exactly as described.

How strange, Ed x


Sorry to hear about this luv, hope you get it sorted soon. If it helps you to know, it took me 50 runs not 27 to graduate because I only moved onto the next run when I was happy I'd achieved the current run - but I got there, and so will you. Look after yourself,



So sorry to read this Julie. I'm happy you made a trip to the Doc and it isn't anything too serious. Hopefully the next run will be alot better! Just take things nice and easy. No race here at all, just wishing you success! :-) Gayle


Glad that nothing major appears to be wrong, and that you're still aiming to keep going. It sounds like a very scary experience. Maybe build up fitness with fast walking for a week or a few first, perhaps for longer than 30 minutes, if jogging causes problems at the moment?


The headache sounds horrible, Julie. Why don't you try walking normal pace then walking faster for the 1 min 'runs'. This would ease you in gently and give your body time to adjust. There's no rush to complete the programme, listen to your body and you'll do fine. It sounds as though you are determined to keep going - good luck with your progress. :)


Yes I would definitely stick to walking until you feel more comfortable.

I did a full month, eventually building up to a fast..ish pace for 20 minutes, until starting this program and it really helped.



Thanks everyone I am going out again tomorrow and will walk the route as suggested by oona and build up slowly.

Don't ever want to experience that again.

Won't give up though will get there eventually and beyond.


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