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Had my morning run but for some reason I felt a bit worse afterwards, like I could have done better. I don't know why, it wasn't like I stopped or failed. I was running slightly slower than last time because my legs were sore (had been swimming the night before too). It was really windy and half the effort was pushing against the wind :( I always feel so motivated before and then less after. I think maybe because I don't get the sense of accomplishment, even though I have done what I need to. It's only been two runs, must keep reminding myself of that!

Speaking of which, can anyone recommend good stretches to do before and after? The reason I feel like I can do C25K is because it has a set routine which I can follow out, but I find stretching hard because I don't know what *type* I should be doing, or how even. I've tried searching online but I can't comprehend which leg stretches where from the diagrams! Also, are you meant to do stretches, then walk for five minutes before starting the run, or stretch in those five minutes??

Just realised, I should probably have searched in youtube for visual assistance. Silly me. But direction to good websites would help :) And now, I have work to get to.

(Apologies for my absolute lack of knowledge about anything at all related to running!)

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Hi Wannabe,

I hate running in the wind too so can definitely sympathise. Don't let it get you down, as the saying goes 'even a bad run is good for you'- the next one will be better!

I don't do a set routine of stretches, I've kind of made up my own. I just make sure that I do all the muscles in my legs, especially my hamstrings because they get tight. If diagrams aren't helping (I can never make head nor tail of them either) then maybe look on youtube for a video.

I never stretch before a run but always, always afterwards as soon as I walk in the door.


We basically makeup our own stretches too! You will find conflicting info on if you should stretch prior to running. Do what ever seems to work for you. The important thing is to get nice and limber. The program is a 5 minute warmup walk before and after. We found we prefer adding minutes to both of those times. Gayle


I forgot to mention, yes...we stretch before, not much, just enough to loosen up.


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