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Slightly off topic

Thanks to those who responded to my last blog - it was good to get going again.

Slightly off topic of running but does anyone have a Galaxy tab 2? I ask because I am getting one with vodafone which if I am happy with will keep and pay £15 on top of my usual rental. My husband thinks I am gullible and I should have said no I am not interested but I like to give it a chance - if I dont like it i will send it back before the 7 days is up without being charged (if I keep I dont pay the extra until 5th February)

Is my husband right? are they a waste and you cant do anything you do on a laptop on them? He also said what do I want one for? If I am honest I dont know but unless I have one and try it out and I wont know if I really need one or not. If I like it I pay £38.50 per month for 24 months after which it is mine to keep.

It is coming tomorrow but thanks to my husband i am already having doubts and think I shouldnt even open it and send it back straight away saying I have changed my mind - should I do this or try using it first before sending it back?

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Hi. I have both a Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is my employer's, and an iPad (my own). I prefer the iPad for most things but it's a very close thing between the two. A colleague has the Tab 2 and prefers it to his iPad - he finds the stylus interaction is a big difference. The Galaxy Tab 2 is a bit smaller than these (7”) but is closer to a mainstream tablet than a smart phone. If you have had an Android phone, it'll be easy to get going with the Tab and I'm sure you'll find it an ideal device.

Can a tablet do anything a laptop can't? Well no - in fact there are loads of things a laptop can do that tablets can't (or is less practical to do on a tablet). Where the tablet wins is convenience, portability and stating power. The battery will last much longer, you can tuck it in your bag without it taking up much space (nor do you need to carry a power adaptor around) and tablets are an ideal size and weight for just sitting on the train/bus/sofa browsing or reading. On the other hand, you could just get an up to date smart phone - the bigger screens make them realistic 'computers' these days. But in my opinion, they're too small for easy typing and web browsing. Great for getting emails and small amounts of data on the go, but a tablet is very much better for general use.

If you have an iPad or the original Galaxy Tab, I'd stick with what you have. If you don't already have a tablet, go for the Tab 2 - I'm sure you won't regret it.


I have resisted tablets for ages, for the same reason your hubby gives. My Hubby bought me an iPad mini for Christmas and it is fantastic - love it. I would say keep the tab, you won't regret it!!


I got a kindle fire HD for Xmas from my hubby and love it too! I wanted this in preference to other tablets as I use a kindle currently for reading but thought having the additional features of a tablet would be nice and not at a huge expense. It is so easy, quick and accessible and so convenient.

If it is a good deal then go for it; I dont think you will regret it.



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