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Jan 1st - Early Run

I woke at 5am on Jan 1st and could not get back to sleep. Got out of bed at 6am in disgust and then lounged on the settee wondering whether to go for an early run. On looking out the window and seeing there was a bright moon I decided to go for it.

So my first run of the year was in moonlight with the day just showing a little light in the east. I could JUST see where I was going and somehow with it being dark it seemed to take less effort to run. It being a Bank Holiday there was no traffic although I did greet another brave/mad early morning runner in the predawn.

Here's to many more runs in 2013 be they in darkness, daylight, sunlight, rain, hail or snow.

Er, actually preferably not hail or snow - or wind for that matter. ;D

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Well done Christian. I did a sunrise run this morning and do evenings after work but not yet a moonlit pre-dawn run; maybe I should add that to the mix!!

I'm with you on your last comment that's for sure.... Happy running in 2013 too! Sue


Sounds like such a great run and what a great way to welcome in the year, Christian! Wishing you many more successful runs in 2013! :-) Gayle


Well done and happy new year Christian. Go for it.


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