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First Run Since Christmas

it was with much trepidation that I set of for my local Parkrun on New Years day. Having not run since before Christmas and having eaten my bodyweight in chocolate, cake and other goodies would I even be able to run, never mind the required 5K? it was now or never though. I was relieved when I saw 2 of my friends in the car park that I could run with. However I was far from confident as we set of to the start. Due to the support of the other runners and marshals I completed the course, it wasn't easy and yes I did want to stop but I kept going and it felt good,well afterwards anyway :-D To my amazement I also managed a PB only by a second but I was still faster! Looking forward to Saturday now and my next Parkrun let's hope I will improve in my time again, still trying for the illusive 5k in 30 mins but getting closer :-D

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Well done - that's great. I too have eaten my body weight in chocs etc and have struggled to run. Haven't even ventured a parkrun yet - too worried the marshals and everyone else will have gone home by the time I finish! But it's on my list of things to do this year.

Enjoy your run on Saturday.

Viki x


You should give Park run ago they are really good and it really doesn't matter how long you take. My local run is fairly small some runners are really fast, and some people walk the course but everyone is supportive and gets a clap as they finish. Go for it you will surprise yourself! :-)


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