Time to change

Time to change

Well here we are the first day of a new year and the first day I'm about to change my life.

I'm 50, fat and very unfit . Have atleast 3 stone to loose and dont want to be breathless when walking up hills or flights of stairs.

I'm nervous and guess very afraid of failing or making a fool of myself which has always been a obstacle where excercise and sports are involved.

2012 has been a year where i battled depression and now i feel it is time to change and face up to my fears.

I know what i want to achieve and that is to be healthy, fit, active, happy and confident.

So here goes the first day of a new year new challenge and a new me.

Wish me luck and please give me support as i know I will need it.


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  • Welcome Luvleeju! I started this week and I too have 3 and a bit stone to lose. Won't lie, the first run hurt but I completed the second run today and I actually enjoyed it! This is a first!

    I completed my first blog entry on Sunday and had several really helpful and supportive replies. The community on here are fantastic!

    You can do it, starting is the hardest bit. Go for it - as we have started at more or less the same time, we can be virtual run buddies if you like?

    Best of luck; keep posting and you'll find all the support and encouragemement you need, both from other beginners as unfit as us and from more experienced, c25k graduate runners. The humour on here will help too - you've got to laugh! Amanda x

  • Virtual run buddies sounds great. will be attempting my first run tomorrow. Thanks for the support. Julie x

  • I don't know whether you've read any of the blogs on here already, but if not, this one might encourage you: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

  • Thank you

  • Luvleeju,

    Got a postive feeling our going to do this whole 9 weeks, so enjoy it. it won't be easy but your doing this for you and that means a lot.

  • Hi luv and welcome to C25K. Keep going, keep positive and have fun. We are all friendly and

    in the same boat. Enjoy, Ed x

  • Hey Julie welcome to the program and the forum. You are going to be just great and if you are determined and committed you will be running 30 mins in 9 weeks or so. If it takes a little longer, no worries just work it around you but do try and stick to 3 runs a week. It really does work and so many of us can't believe how far we have come. Having a virtual running buddy is great too and you will get loads of encouragement and advice here so keep posting.

    Best of luck for tomorrow! Sue x

  • welcome - I am new too and have had lots of lovely support and comments. For my first run I went out with my hood up (to disguise myself) - I'm sure that my blindingly white trainers gave eneryone in the park a big clue that I was just starting out, but I have now done week 1 and it wasn't too bad at all! There are lots of inspiring stories on here and I am sure you will inspire other too! Go girl.

  • Hi luv, I too have battled anxiety and depression for the best part of a year. Starting couch to 5k has been some of the best therapy I could have had. The endorphins from the physical exercise have been much more powerful than any happy pill. Good luck with the programme x

  • First off Julie, Welcome! :-) Now, remove that negative talk from your head...you are not fat and very unfit...you are just a bit fluffy and a little out of shape. :-) As far as the year 50, it is only a number...you can do anything you want to as long as you set your mind to it. I hate to sound like a know it all- bossy old cow...but you sound so much like how I DID just 5 months ago! I remember crying real tears and telling my husband (smhall) I can not do this. I cried, I pouted, I threw tantrums...

    I did it all...but I never quit. :-) I am so amazed I made it completely through the program!! I am so much more self confident now and the sense of achievement is awesome! Please stay on here and do whatever it takes to complete the program, you will never, ever regret it! If you need a virtual running buddy, I am always here! Best wishes! Gayle

  • Well done for getting started - that's the hardest bit. It took me much longer than 9 weeks to complete, but I did it and so will you - you are doing this for yourself and you have done great things, so you can do this as well! All the best, and keep coming here for help and support - it's a great community :)


  • Good Luck ... I'm in a similar boat so lets hope in a few weeks time we will talk about our successes ! We can do it I'm sure of it.

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