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Is Christmas cake rocket fuel for runners?

It was just a light drizzle when I set off - for once actually alongside my running buddy and big sister who has been doing it in parallel. Then the deluge started. A few dog walkers scuttled past head down, other than that it was just cars. We were not just soaked, but sodden. But we kept up a steady pace and even managed what to me looked like a big hill. So how come this run in the freezing rain wasn't as hard as others? We decided the magic ingredient must be our mum's Christmas cake - packed with lots of dried fruit and quite a lot of love. I might have to pack in one more slice before my graduation run this weekend...

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Sounds like the fruitcake may be a staple for you running! Makes me hungry for my moms fruitcake, we make it here in the States with pieces of dried red and green fruit. I prefer it with just dates (no nasty tasting colored fruit) she spoiled me when she was still living and would make me one with just dates and nuts. Sounds also like you had a fantastic run! Wishing you a great New Year! Gayle


Hahaha I think you're onto something here! I had Christmas cake before I went for my run earlier!! It was great and I think it spurred me on to finish my run!

Good luck with the graduation run this weekend!


I need fuel, can you txt me a slice please? Ed x


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