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Great Boxing Day Run

After my third cup of tea this morning sat looking out of the window thinking it's not raining, it's not icy, not too cold, can't use treadmill (as mother-in-law was sleeping in the room where we keep it), what is stopping me from going out for a run? Couldn't come up with a good excuse so put on my kit and out I went. Initially I thought I would do my normal 3 mile round the village route, very boring but familiar. However decided to venture further afield, our village is on a ridge so to venture out of the village you have to go down one of many steep hills which I did then ran down the bottom road and then you've guessed it had to run up another extremely steep hill. I haven't done a lot of hill running but was determined to give it a good go, I managed to get about half way up and only stopped because my right calf was killing me (I have pulled it before and had to stop running for 3 weeks). I walked the rest of it but once I got to the top I ran the rest of the way home. I loved it felt proud of myself for running on Boxing Day. Tomorrow is a rest day and Friday it's my kids birthdays (14 & 12) so know I can't go out now to Saturday.

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isn't it nice to do something different on Boxing Day ? Well done for getting out there and tackling the hill (and knowing when to stop so as not to injure yourself).


I got out there today, I was out running before 8am. I managed 3k i'm still recovering from sore knee/leg, I feel it's improving. I also tried out my new Garmin Forerunner 10. I think I'll run again on Saturday.

So glad I got out there, I think it energised me for the rest of the day which was spent cooking and entertaining the in-laws. LOL I cooked curry, not the in-laws.


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