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Boxing Day run to run off the turkey before my birthday tomorrow!

Boxing Day run means I stick to my regular days for running. It was tough going to start trying to run of the excesses of the Christmas fare why do we always over eat at this time of year! Ran a different route in order to stay on pavements as the grass is just too boggy after all the rain so not sure of distance until I get home and mapped the route which turned out to be 5.17K in 35 minutes 6 seconds so not improving on speed yet but I blame the turkey, etc. My birthday tomorrow 62 years young and I will be checking the Boxing Day sales/January sales, is there any difference anymore, for bargains on Garmin forerunner products. To all you C25Ks out there keep running and keep blogging.

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Good for you, this chest infection still means no running for me (last ran in a 10k race on 9 Dec), but has also meant no over eating :-P

Very happy birthday for tomorrow :-)


I'm so sorry you're still poorly Andrea. This is a really nasty bug you have. I look forward to hearing that you're back to form very soon. I shall keep you in my thoughts when I run tomorrow.


Congratulations on your running and your speed. Especially weighed down by our habitual excess. And a very Happy Birthday - at 51 I feel so encouraged by your feat. Just think, we can do this for hopefully many years to come.


Happy Birthday for tomorrow :-)


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