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Christmas Eve run

Morning everyone - and Merry Christmas!

I've never been a morning runner, but after being woken at 5.30am by a phone call from a guest in one of our holiday cottages about something trivial (grrrrr....) I was wide awake so decided to get up and go out.

Wow it was brilliant - pretty dark of course as the daylight doesn't really appear until about 9am here but so peaceful - just lovely. I had sorted out a new playlist at 160bpm as well which seemed to suit my pace perfectly - I could have kept going for longer but stopped at 30mins as I intend to run tomorrow as well.

One of my best runs ever and it has definitely improved my mood.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow :)

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It's great getting your run over early in the day - it leaves you feeling very virtuous! Enjoy Christmas - I'll keep an eye on you on Endomondo! I'm just back in (got a bit carried away!) and am planning to do a very gentle short run tomorrow as I usually leave 2 or 3 days between runs. Best wishes for the challenge!


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