The good weather fairy has deserted me!

After no rain during my planned runs from when I started in August to this week, Thursday's run was sodden and this morning's run, well, the weather was worse. It was blustery as well as weeing down with rain. I did say this would push me back inside onto the treadmill, but being bloody minded like I am I decided to go out for a short trot round the local roads instead.

I faffed around for about half an hour, hoping that the transition from dark at 7.30am to daylight at 8am would cause a change in the light intensity. Nope, still murky and half lit. So I followed the standard after dark dog walk. A short 2.4k circuit along well lit streets I use for taking the mutt for a 30 minute walk.

Chopping the first and last bits off (because I'm not running from the front door, let me get out of our road first, and I didn't have enough puff to get up that hill at the end) it comes in at just under 2k. I was treating it like a speed session, really going for it, knowing that I didn't have to keep anything in reserve as it was only a short circuit. I was shattered at the end, it took me a lot longer than normal to get my breath back, but I enjoyed it, I was really flying!!!!!


Distance 1.92k (I need that extra 80m)

Time: 11 mins 5 secs (crikey, that's the equivalent of doing 5k in under 29 minutes! My best time so far is about 32 minutes, need to get used to this pace!)


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  • well done Beads. You have been very lucky to have no rain during any of your runs since August, or do you live outside UK?

    I don't mind the rain so much, as long as it's not too hard, but I hate that biting wind that jumps out on you when you round a corner. Still, I would rather run outside than on a treadmill, I find that just so boring and it really doesn't seem to give me a workout in quite the same way. Keep up the speed training. Do you use the speed podcast? That's only a short workout, handy for days when you are in a rush or when the weather would spoil a regular (longer) run.

  • Yes, on the South London/North Surrey borders.

    Yes I've done the speed podcast, a couple of times outside (up at the aerodrome where I'm not likely to find a hill in my way on a fast bit) and on the treadmill (it's the only way to stop the boredom, constantly changing speed).

  • ooohhh, I avoided the treadmill for speed training because I can't change speed very quickly on it, but I suppose it doesnt matter too much if there is a few seconds delay. I might do that next time and have a swim/steam afterwards.

    I see you are not a million miles away from me :-)

  • Well done.

    I cant believe you hadnt had rain till now!

    If I didnt run in rain I wouldnt run basically lol! Then I do live in Wales! I like running in rain (apart from when its a race cos then you have lots of standing round in it before the off!). Since starting this nearly a year ago I have mostly had cold and wet, but to be honest find that ok. In fact, we had a few weeks of warm dry weather in May and I found that my running suffered badly!

    Well done anyway!

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