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Having just finished W9R1 I discovered a blister on the sole of my foot. It's on the heel and is about 1cm by 5cm. It is quite tender. That was on Wednesday. It hasn't got any better and I want to run either tonight or tomorrow with the aim of graduating either Sunday or Monday. So what should I do about it? I put a blister plaster on but that didn't seem to help. Should I pop it carefully with a sterilized pin, leave it or do something else?

Would appreciate any advise as really want to graduate in the next few days and would be gutted if something as simple as a blister prevented that from happening!


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Popping it increases the risk of it getting infected, but does ease the discomfort somewhat. If you then tape it (micropore works well for me) you should be comfortable enough to run. I've done this in the past without drama.

The best idea though, is to leave it to heal on its own before running again.


I read that you should soak your foot in warm salty water. apparently this helps with the blister & osmosis (where the blister fluid dispurses into the water). its supposed to help. Im with andystev though. if possible do not pop the blister ~ makes it so painful.

if you havent bought proper running socks then now is maybe to time to invest. they are cushioned & normally soak up the sweat & if you have a persistant problem with blisters there are anti-blister socks. these have two layers so that the layers of the sock rub together with the shoe & not your foot.


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