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2 runs to report:

This morning's was a repeat of last Saturday's, a decent run, starting in the half light of dawn again (up so early (and was waiting for the half light) as son's alarm clock kept going off and he wouldn't turn it off) but shaved 10 seconds off my time. I was sweltering though, there was (is) a thick frost so I put my thermal top on then put my new jacket over the top. It's only very thin and lightweight this jacket but seems to do one helluva lot keeping the heat in! It is now drying on the radiator with the rest of my kit.

Tuesday's run. This was in the shed on the treadmill as work calls me so I don't want to go out and risk getting back late. It was a chilly walk down to the shed, I even put my coat on for the 50yd walk! Breath was steaming, even in the shed. It was a hard run, I'd put the incline up to maximum (3 bars, super technical my treadmill is!!) and was running slowly at about 7.7kph but it was incredibly hard work. A 3 minute warm up walk was followed by 10 minutes of running, then a minute of walking where I mentally fought with myself to at least try another 10 minutes of running before I gave up, I did the next 10 minutes, then another thoughtful 1 minute walking and a final 5 minutes running, I really couldn't persuade myself to go any further.

But while on the treadmill I did notice one very strange thing. You know when you breathe when it's cold and your breath steams (due to the relative ability of warm and cold air to hold water vapour and the resulting condensation), well I'm running (and it's cold in the shed even though I'm toasty running) and at one point I had my hands resting on the panic bar of the treadmill. They were gently steaming! It is a really strange sight, steam rising from your hands!

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When I was younger I used to do a lot of cycling, in all weathers & right through the winter. I often used to get home with a beard full of ice from steam/breath which had condensed on it and frozen!


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