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W2R2 and a surreal moment!

When taking my nice warm clothes off to put on my chilly old track suit this morning with -5 degrees outside I thought I must be potty but that small element of addiction is coming through and I know that if I miss one run then I may just submit to the mince pies and mulled wine till after christmas and that is not the way to go!

I surprised myself in that the 6 x 90 second runs were relativley easy - not many people in the park which was no surprise and could talk/sing/say a few bad words without strange looks so I was a bit put out when, on run number 3, I was aware of a shadow catching me up - blast I was about to overtaken by one of those experienced bouncy runners in the famous black clingy leggings. As pride dictates I endeavoured to put a bit of a spring in my legs to try and look cool (!!!!) and it was only then that I realised that that shadow was mine - dodgylegs actually running. WOW! That is something of a first for me!

My knees are a bit achy but presume in time that will pass and now am looking forward to completing this week and seeing what Laura has in store for me next week. Maybe 5k is achievable after all! Hope everyone else is getting on as well and having a good day too!

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Down with this positivity!


Hi shaky normally aches will subside over time as your body gets

used to the running. The body will takes months to adapt so take

your time. Its when you get pain that you might need to do something

about it like using RICE for istance. Good luck however, Ed.




Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Good for sprains and aches etc. Ed


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