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Week 5 Run 3 take two!

Went out just before 4 to do my Week 5 Run 3 and started struggling after 5 minutes. After several starts and stops I came across an open door on a building that I pass every run. There's an elderly gent of 88 missing here since Thursday so I thought I'd call the police station just in case he'd gone in. That took about 5 minutes and then someone came along who I knew and the run went out of the window.

Got home and had a cuppa then decided to rerun again. This went much better and I managed the whole 20 minutes. So much happier now! And thank the stars for Voltarol Cream. Dunno why but I seem to run much better in the dark. Maybe it's because I can concentrate on the music and there's less people around? It was tough going particularly after Laura announced the 5 minute mark and then the 10 minute mark. At 18 minutes I was adamant I was not going to stop even though I had to go uphill beside a busy road and I'd just passed someone I knew from up the school! Now onwards to Week 6. I can do this, I can make it to the end of the course!

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Well done auranya. Was the missing guy found in there? Good luck and keep going, Ed x


You can indeed do it. Well done on completing this run, Its the time I too realised the end was possible


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