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The finish line is in sight

Feeling dead chuffed. Haven't run for a week for various reasons but got out there last night after work in the freezing cold and ice for my last 28 minute run before starting my final week. When Laura said my 28 minutes were up I just kept going and ran for a further 5 mins!! I'm so proud of myself. It has given me such a confidence boost. Can't wait to start week 9 tomorrow. When I started the programme I set myself a challenge to finish before Christmas. And I'm nearly there! I'm even planning to go for a run on Christmas Day!

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Wooohoooo - that's brilliant - you'll find next week a doddle since you've already ran for 33 minutes! And a run on Christmas Day has got to be the best present, because it's not just a run, it's a symbol of being able to do something that seemed impossible a couple of months ago - as you say, Esprit - a real confidence boost - and what could be better than that?


Well done, Esprit! It's amazing how this programme changes our life on so many levels! You'll have extra Christmas presents this year - a shiny green badge and a huge sense of achievement! :)


Thanks Viv and oona! I was speaking to my brother and nephew yesterday who are both super fit and told them I was planning to go for a run on Christmas Day. They looked at me as if I was crazy and asked "why?!!". I replied "because I CAN!!" This is such an achievement for me. This programme has literally changed my life and a run on Christmas morning would be special. Viv - you summed it up perfectly - it's a symbol of being able to achieve something I didn't think would be possible.


Welcome to W9, Esprit!! It is quite an amazing journey, isn't it? :-)

You were so correct when you mentioned in your response to the others that this program can be a life changing experience!! I think that it is very important to add one more bit, though. As wonderful as this program is, it is simply a tool. YOU have provided the dedication, the motivation and the inspiration!! YOU changed your life and this program is just one of the tools that helped you!! Marvelously done!! :-)

Enjoy your graduation week!! Oh yes, that isn't the finish line that is coming into sight, that is the beginning of the rest of your life!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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