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Living the High Life

Had a busy week with not a lot of time for runs. Managed a short run on Monday night in the pitch dark, just 16 minutes but lots of it was up hill!

Now we all know the nice feeling one gets after a run with the endorphins flowing. I don't know what it was about this short run but I felt incredible. I mean really, as if I had taken drugs (I hadn't incidentally). Life's worries were a mere bagatelle to me. Now I have just had another run (did Speed again) and I feel good, but not THAT good.

I wonder why?

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Hmmm. It would be great if you could guarantee that feeling with every run, wouldn't it? and it's a bit of a mystery why it doesn't - perhaps it's like anything really in its unpredictability. Maybe you're wired for short, sharp, uphill runs!


Know exactly what you mean, had one of those fantastic runs myself this week, turned a moody day into a fantastic day, but other days hmmm.

Well, we will have to keep running to find the fantastic ones :-)


I just love those runs - wish there were more of them.....It just proves though that the best runs don't always have to be the longest. Enjoy!



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