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Week 4 in the bag! Anyone for strength and flex?

Week four is done! Lovely frosty morning I really have got the bug. Started the strength and flex programme yesterday. I have been feeling for a while I needed to do something else on the rest day like C25k It was a very gentle start, but oh those squats! Not sure it's what my knees need. A bit apprehensive about what week 5 is going to bring. :)

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Well done on completing week 4 Tricia! Week 5 will be fine; just take it easy, dont rush and you will get through it, no problem.

I dont do the strength and flex but do workouts to Davina which include lots of squats too which can be a killer especially if I do it too soon after a long run; its usually my thighs that suffer though rather than my knees.....its all good though!



Hi, well done on your progress with the running! You will be fine with W5, the programme prepares you for it!! (although I freely admit I felt totally doomed going out to do the dreaded W5R3 - but I did it!)

I can thoroughly recommend Strength & Flex, started about W7 doing it on my non-run days. I still do the week 5 podcast at least once a week. The squats are a killer but somehow I kept going.

Good luck with Strength & Flex and also for your W5 runs!


Thank you both. Every time I go out for a run I find it hard but paradoxically find it easy. Sounds bonkers I know, but I suppose the relief and euphoria of finishing a run makes me feel that way. I am loving it! :))


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