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Thanks to LondonGirl's bouncy castle & gazelles PLUS Laura's cycling feet , My 2nd PG Stamina Run was a painless run in the clouds!!

LondonGirl talked about the feeling of walking on air when she'd had a bouncy castle experience and gave me the picture of running like gazelles (thanks to Laura's disciplining in Stepping Stones!!) by the Summer as our running style would have developed so much finesse by then :-).

Soooooooooo, with those pictures in my mind, and the childlike air of playfulness they evoked, I skipped off imagining that I was running in the air and having fun in a bouncy castle. I also tried to think "Gazelle" - what I actually looked like lord only knows :-)!!!!

I was actually trying to ignore the fact that in week 9 my knee started to complain about the extra 5 minutes.

At some point Laura said something like "imagine your feet doing a cycling motion". I am a midfoot striker so I went from midfoot to toe to lifting my heels up. It was weird... somehow the pictures of bouncy castles and cycling feet, as well as trying to be graceful like a gazelle..... Oh gosh and don't forget the arms for pistons (!!)..... Anyway, I think I felt like I was doing a Michael Jackson robot walk - a really odd but floaty sensation :-).

After 35 minutes I was still waiting for that knicky knee pain and it wasn't there - yaaaayy... Something to be said for a childlike state of mind don't you think :-).

Keep on playing, Sara :-)

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That sounds so good Sara! I hadn't read Londongirl's blog on that, but once I restart running I will definitely emulate that-sounds good to me.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Colette - forgive me, we're rushing around like blue assed flies here... are you okay? You don't sound like you're out for good??? Forgive me if I've completely not noticed what's happened.

You poor thing, whatever it is. Please let me know so I can sympathise big time, which I'm doing anyway...

Seriously Colette, it does work this weird combination of moves... I went out on my own run today for 5kms and I really did feel light - peculiar but I'm not knocking it, how ever odd it may look. Also, I've just got rid of anything serious and just see running as playing and that's helped too :-).

Keep well Colette, Sara :-) xx


Hahaha!! I have a picture now of a gazelle cycling through the sky towards a bouncy castle - a bit like ET I suppose!!!

Whatever it was Sara, it worked for your knees - brill!! Happy playing indeed!

Sue xox


Sue, Sue.... it worked... now I have added ET to my running style and, apart from shouting "ET go Home" for half an hour, I had such a grin on my face. I loved ET so as I was running I thought his stock phrase was such a good one to motivate me to get home - LOL :-)!!!!! Sooooo THANK YOU for that wonderful picture.

Also wonderful is that it did work a second time :-). As weird as the whole thing may sound, I think I've found a happy, floaty AND playful running style and that is good :-).

Just a thought Sue... not sure when it is likely to be BUT... at some point I am sure we'll be in Bromley so I'll let you know when if you like ... :-).

Hope the thumb and your nerves are all in good working order today and I'm pleased the arnica is helping, Sara xox


Brilliant Sara! Just hope people dont think you a bit strange running around talking like ET....!!!

That would be really nice Sara; just let me know.

All ok just sore knees and part of my arm that I didnt notice yesterday hurts a bit but as you said before, no broken bones so cant complain really.....Just hope I can run at the weekend.

Sue xx


Ooooh, are you doing a special run? I'll keep everything crossed for you Sue - GOOD LUCK :-) xox


No, nothing like that Sara, just a normal one but I dont want to miss it - plus it's in daylight!!!! x


Ahhhh.... well that's a bonus - hee hee :-). Bet OH is pleased - LOL!!

Will be thinking of you Sue - ENJOY

Sara xox


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