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Plotting my recovery run: View from the Injury Couch

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Now then lovely running family :)

The injury couch is really boring, not enough fresh air, and I don't like the view. Also it's not fast enough. More like 5K to Couch at the moment. Seriously, google that. It's actually a thing.

My left knee is feeling quite good now, and I think another couple of days will see it right. My knee brace is really helping to stabilise it whilst it heals. I do feel the need to get out there again though. I will not let this beat me!

So here's the plan: I am off on Friday, and I really need an opinion on what is best to do. Should I do some 5 minute intervals, 10 minutes only, 30 minutes, or what? I need to ease myself back in gently I think, but those who have already returned from the IC will probably know much better than I. Oldfloss, Sadie-runs I'm looking at you!

Thanks for all your support over this *temporary* set back :)

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From experience: do run/walks for your first time out. I havnt called them intervals because i would say do not run too quickly. Listen to your body throughout, listen, listen, listen. Stop if any pain.

Keep it short. Keep it steady.

Good luck runner

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Decide what your maximum running time/distance is going to be before setting out and don't exceed it but also be ready to stop early if things don't feel comfortable. A good brisk warmup walk should give you a pretty good idea how your knee is going to hold up.

At your stage, Neil, I would not aim to do more than 20 minutes running and splitting it into intervals is a good idea.

If that first session goes okay then you can scale up the next run by 5 or 10 minutes, again being ready to stop. Keep your pace very gentle and expect to be at least six or so runs before you get back where you started.

Now you have experienced the IC you will understand the logic of making your comeback nice and gentle...........better to be doing nice gentle runs than none at all.

Take it easy.

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Very very wise advice, thanks. And yes, that logic works for me :)

So regarding the knee support I'm using, do you think I should wear that still during the comeback phase? I have no idea whether by running with it on I would just be masking problems or not.

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Morning :)

After my long spell in the is what the physio said after I got the go ahead to go. Taken from my post..

"Don’t do any long runs- Don’t do any hills-( Don’t run on the beach

) not applicable for you :)

The two do’s

Do run for just about 20 minutes in each of your three runs for the first week…

Do stop if any twinge, ache or pain in the calf hits more than level 5 on your pain scale:)"

Then moving on slowly :) Good news , ti is temporary and I am almost back to 10K :)

Hope this helps:)


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Brillaint advice as always Oldfloss. I'm definitely going to start off gently, short distances and intervals. I'm really looking forward to getting back to it though, the IC is no fun. One thing your post has reminded me of though, how much I miss the sea. Until a year and a half ago, I lived right next to the sea at Heysham. Circumstances changed, sadly a divorce. I really miss the sea.

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Floss and Tim give the best advice, so I would follow that! I was able to still run with my hip niggle - I just took it much slower, and stopped halfway through to gently stretch it. I also had a 4 day rest at one point. Hip niggles are different to knee niggles though, so don't do what I do!

If it is feeling better, then you should definitely start up those knee strengthening exercises again! They will work, trust me. Takes a couple of weeks to take effect, so be patient and keep doing them. There is one I even manage to squeeze in at work at my desk! (Lifting leg straight out at hip level, turning foot outward a touch, pulsing it for 10-12 reps, you know the one!)

The most important thing is for your knee to get better - running will be waiting for you, and although you will have to build yourself up a bit again, you will get there soon enough! And that's fun too! Seeing your stamina build! Totally understand how frustrating this is though, the not running thing. <hug>

Sadie-runs x

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Thank you dear Sadie, I know you're always good for support, encouragement, and hug.

What I think I'll do is go to a local park and run there. My nearest one is too small for the longer walks, but at least if something goes wrong, I haven't got a massive walk back in a straight line, if you see what I mean. I'll keep you posted :)

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Ooooo, Hidden ...I’m excited that you’ll soon be back with us...but I have no clues as what the best way to go about that is...maybe short 5 mins?? How about something like W3R3...short runs, just to see how it feels??? Have a look through the earlier weeks just to get an idea...good’s a knee rub from me 😉

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Thanks Mummycav, the knee rub really helps :P

Not sure I could stand going back to W3R3 - I always found the short intervals really annoying. Week 1 was extremely irritating!

I think I'm pretty settled on 10 minutes to start with. If that goes fine with no pain, I'll maybe do a 5 minute walk break, and then another 5 or 10 minute run. But - I do think I'm up for this tomorrow, so I'm actually happy about that.

How are you getting on?

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MummycavModerator in reply to Hidden

That’s good if you feel the 10 minutes will be comfortable without over doing it..& as always, steady & slow...I’m ok..prob running in the morning 🏃🏼‍♀️😉

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Neil - Great to hear you're on the road to recover at least. Don't go over doing it and I'm sure you'll be back to full strength soon.

Frustratingly haven't been able to run myself this week due to allergy patch testing - which requires I keep my back entirely dry! Hoping i've held my nerve when I get out there again at the weekend.

Look forward to hearing how you get on this Friday.

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Thanks DebJogsOn, I shall of course report back.

Allergy patch testing? That sounds serious. Everything OK?

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DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Hidden

Everything is fine. Have some eczema suddenly in my 40s so being tested to see if it's a reaction to something.

Whole allergy testing thing is weird though. Essentially they tape a whole load of common allergens to your back and wait to see what happens!

Down side is you have to keep your back dry for a week and suggest no vigorous exercise - though I wouldn't describe it as vigorous I think this includes me running 😂

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Well it's more vigarous than not running ;D

One thing I've noticed is that unless it's about -10°C outside, my back is soaked by the time I return from a run. Sorry - maybe TMI there lol

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Good luck getting back out there, when the time comes and fingers crossed it all ok!

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Thanks Fishypieface, I'm really excited actually. It's been less than 2 weeks, but I've really missed it. I shall of course report back :)

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Sorry to read about your time on the injury are still inspirational. I hope you share your way back to running :)

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Awww thanks DIZZIC, I don't think anyone's called me inspirational before. I don't feel very inspirational lol

Yes, I'm certainly going to share the ups and downs. I don't expect to do more than 10 minutes on my first run back, though I suspect I will feel like continuing. But 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes, right? :D

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Hey Neil welcome back . Listen to ur body and take your time you’ll soon be running 5k in no time . X

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Thanks Shelby, I'm listening up to a point... when it tells me to stay in bed rather than go running, I really ought to ignore it! I really do feel that I need to get back on the wagon though, it's not going to get any easier is it?

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Shelby1973Graduate in reply to Hidden

Look how u came in 9 weeks it won’t take to regain that running 🏃 x

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