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Twinkly lights are the answer!

I didn't intend to go running last night. But the weather was good - cold but dry and calm. As week 7 keeps trying to beat me, I thought I'd give myself a fighting chance of completing the second run by going in decent weather while it lasted.

It was brilliant!

I usually find it very difficult to get into my stride. I'm constantly thinking about how much further I need to go, who's looking at me, what's that dog doing over there? etc etc. Luckily for me I get excited by twinkly lights so the newly switched on Christmas lights along the promenade distracted me enough to come up with a plan. I decided to count my paces between each big picture light stuck on the lamp posts...17 paces from star to tree to scroll, back to star again. This worked so well it got me into a regular pace and I had the best run ever.

I covered 2.33 miles in 25 minutes, with my average time being 10.44 per mile. While that's not great, it's much better than my previous best of 12.15 per mile.

So that's two week 7 runs done. One more to go, which I'll hopefully complete this week. I seem to have one good run then one bad run where I don't finish and have to try again. Hopefully not this time though!

Week 7 has definitely been the hardest week so far, but I feel like I'm pushing through the barrier and last night was a bit of a breakthrough for me :-)

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Beautifully done, Ange!!! It is a marvelous feeling when a run goes so very well, isn't it? :-). Oh, if only we could bottle that feeling!! What a fantastic pace, also!! Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like Christmas came early for you this year and this wonderful run was quite a present!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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