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Can anyone suggest any improvements which I can make in order to be able to run for an entire stretch of 25 minutes?

I am in my week 6, run 3. Today I could only run for 20 minutes at a speed of 7.6 km/hr on a treadmill, could not go beyond that. Can anyone suggest any improvements which I can make in order to be able to run for an entire strecth of 25 minutes, as I want to finish this wek and move onto week 7 which will include longer runs only?I am 28 years and weigh around 200 lbs.

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Well you could go a little slower if it will help. Or better yet run outside. I think if it were me and I was on a treadmill I know I can stop if I want to so it can have a negative effect mentally. Whereas if you've run a few k from home you have to get back so you have to keep going. Also the cold weather is good motivation to keep moving.


I'm not a treadmill runner usually but have tried a few times. I found its easier to keep going if a varied the speed and incline now and again. I would say don't start too fast though and build up your speed gradually. Other option as ross10 suggested in go outside, the time goes by much quicker, but thats only going to be possible if you live somewhere were you have pavements and good lighting, also no ice on the pavements yet. Make sure you can be seen if/when you venture outside, be safe at all times. Good luck.


Slowing down should help - you can always speed up later on in the run if you have the energy.

A change of music to your own favorite tracks might make it more interesting.

Venture into the great outdoors. When it got to weeks 6-7 I found the treadmill mind-numbingly boring ! Outdoors was slightly harder work, especially as I simply cannot avoid hills where I live, but it was so much more interesting.

It's also helpful, when you feel as if you need to stop, to set little targets - I'll stop at the 2nd lamp-post if I still need a rest....when you get to your "target" you usually find you can carry on a bit longer.

Good luck, you'll be fine :-)


if your in a gym flick on the TV run whilst watching a programme you like i always run to cookery programmes! i get so engrosed in the programme the time flys ..... done all my running on a treadmill due to back problems it doesn't matter how or where you run just keep on running .....good luck :)


Slow down. I find treadmill running challenging because of the constant speed. If you run outside you naturally vary your speed according to the terrain. Also if your HR is at about 85% of your max you are going fast enough. You'll find tables online and on the gym equipment.


Thank you so much for all your valuable suggestions.. will try to implement all of these..Can you suggest any good music which I can listen to while running?

Also, i will try to run outside, as I am sure that will help.. treadmill does become boring at times..

When I start running, i start breathing heavily.. and then slowly it becomes normal.. has any one of you faced such kind of a situation as well?


ME!!! :-) My breathing always starts out horrible but as I settle in and find my pace, I notice my breathing settles in as well. Usually, my first 10-12 minutes is not enjoyable at all. Good luck with the longer run and take it as slow as you need to. Gayle


Me too Gayle! My breathing is sometimes weird for the first 5 minutes and then I just settle in! There you are you see, great minds think alike ;-)


I'm pretty sure most of us would say we breath heavily at some time during a run. It takes me about 6 minutes to settle into my runs, once that happens the breathing becomes easier. Try to relax into it which will help loads.


I agree, just start really slow and speed up if you feel good. I started on the treadmill but now find running outside easier - and all the distractions make the time go faster! I think lots of people struggle with breathing at first .. if it settles down then that's fine. Music ... anything you enjoy with a good beat that keeps you moving - Queen, Madonna, Black-Eyed Peas? Sure others have lots of suggestions. Good luck with the rest of the programme!


Hey everyonee.... I am sooooo happpy right now to share with all of you that today I was able to run for 25 mins at a stretch.. and also as Laura says - finished the last minute at a high pace..and thus ending the run at a high!!!

I am sooooooooo elated and would really like to share that the feeling you get when you finish a run successfully is just out of this world!!!

M soooo thankful to all of you for your tips.. although i ran on a treadmill as it was raining the whole day.. all your tips were reallyyyyyy reallyyy helpful!! thanks to all of you for the support..

could not get to the internet in the morning.. was waiting literally to share this news with all of you..m soooo happy today!! :))

Although since the morning thngs wernt going right.. i got late for the gym, my ipod wasnt charged.. the gym music isnt that gr8.. but still managed to run, only one thing which really helped was my favrt flick was playing on tv... it reallyyy does help:))

noww have to complete week 7.. hopefully all my runs go fine:))

thanks to all of you once again.... yyippeee!!


Smashing news, well done you :)


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