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Test Run!

Iv'e been a lurker on this forum for a few weeks now. Trying to get an idea of what exactly it is and wether it was for me. Having taken up a vlcd and a new attitude to my health and fitness I decided c25k would be perfect for the new me.

Although I have prepared mentally, I havn't physically. But decided to get the podcast wack on what I have and try it out.

Got out for 6am! and decided to use the length of my steet as my running track as it isn't on much of an incline and is proberbly the right length.

I like the way the session is broken down, it felt very doable... I managed 16mins of wk1r1 as the wind was difficult to run against and I wasn't approprietly dressed which became an issue.

The plan is to get some running shoes as well as proper attire before I start again.

My concern at the moment is speed. I went at the pace I thought light jogging was but i'm still skeptical.

I can't wait to get into running, and just overall alot healthier and lighter.

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Hi Metagirl, well done for getting out there at all, especially so early in the morning on a windy day! Some reasonably supportive trainers is all you need to get started, but some running clothes do make it more comfortable.

Another place you could consider running in the early weeks is your local park. The playing fields are usually reasonably flat (otherwise it would be grossly unfair when they are playing footie!), but that does depend on how soggy the field is - maybe just stick to the paths for now until the rain stops (assuming it will sometime).

Regarding speed, it really isn't important at this stage. Many of us can walk almost as fast as we run, the key thing is to listen to Laura and run for the amount of time in the podcast. If you find it easy, as first (some do, I didn't) don't be tempted to run extra. The programme is very carefully designed to build up in a sustainable way so that you can run 30 minutes by the end. If your speed hasn't picked up enough for your liking by the time you finish C25K then you can download the speed podcasts!

Good luck and let us know when you have your new gear and get out there again.


Hi metal i agree with vixie. Take your time and build up slowly. If you try too hard

you might get hurt/ exhausted/deflated and decide its not for you. As for gear vixie

is right you only need decent trainers but also a proper sports bra! Good luck and

keep going, Ed.


Ohh thanks for the tip vixiej! for now I will just build myself up until I'm strong enough.

Good idea about the park too. It's just finding one near enough to me. I did consider using the tredmills at the gym until the weather picks up aswell. I think I will decide on location until I get my full attire.

Thank you, I will keep everyone updated. The support on here is fab!


Thanks guys for the advice! can't wait to properly start


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