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Hi Everyone....Just got back from my first run for this week, been a bit sad as have had to deal with very tight calf's & hamstrings :-( .....very very sore, so bad it was painful to even walk but had super massage over weekend and before run this morning and was able to RUN....YAY....so HAPPY !!!

Just finished with ice pack & stretching, does anybody do Yoga for running, thinking about doing this so as to learn to stretch properly as this last week has not been very pleasant at all to say the least, I was doing stretches before my runs but apparently not properly. Went and got a foam roller too, boy oh boy does that hurt....anyway I feel so much happier now that I have been able to go for a run this morning, have a smile from ear to ear.

Was beginning to think I could not go in the parkrun this sat after all the hardwork that I have put in but now it looks like I have turned the corner, still bit nervous about it all, have to front up all on my own as looks like hubby has to work :-( BUT must think of the positive.....I can go in it...and I have got my barcode just have to go and get it laminated today....so all systems GO !!! Have a G R E A T week everyone and look forward to hearing from you all.

Pinkus xxxxx :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Hi Pinkus, glad the massage worked, maybe you should get your OH to massage your calves and legs a few times a week, just to keep you in tip top condition ;-)

I don't do yoga specifically for running, but I do practise yoga every week, two types. I do a yang type (hatha yoga, but ashtanga is same type, just more aerobic). This builds core strength, stamina and balance from a purely physical perspective, i.e. muscles. Its the type you usually associate with yoga, poses like triangle, warrior, downward facing dog, etc.

I also practise yin yoga, which does not work on muscles (although stretches them beautifully) but rather focus is on the connective tissue, on getting that to relax and let go. It involves floorwork and a bolster and just breathing/relaxing into the bolster until everything relaxes. It is very restorative and i've now bought a bolster to practice at home, as it's so good for opening out the pelvis/lower back area, where I get some problems (used to!)

It sounds like you would benefit from either, but ideally from both. I hadn't come across yin yoga until recently, so I don't know if you will find it near you. You can probably tell I'm a bit of a fan ;-) I just think it is the perfect complement to running, it really does help with all the aches and pains that you pick up along the way and, once practicing regularly, (10 minutes at home is fine, you don't have to always do classes) is a great way to prevent injuries. Yoga also teaches us to focus, something we all need from time to time when running :-)


Hi vixiej thanks for telling me about the yoga, I did do a little bit many years ago and enjoyed it and I think it would be good for me to start again as I am now running and want to keep limber....will investigate it when I get around to it and keep you posted. :-)


I go to yoga class at the gym, I haven't done it in the past and its an established class. I think it's hatha yoga, the instructer talks about asanas and there's a lot of breathing involved and mindful meditation. I fall asleep most weeks! I'm not sure if its helping my running but it's very enjoyable!


Excellent! Of course, you aren't supposed to fall asleep, but I do that too. I was out cold the other week, it was quite embarrassing, but at least I hadn't reached the dribbling or snoring stage. I guess I need to switch my running days so that I don't run 2 hours before :-D


Sounds good Gridlet I will investigate it and keep you posted....thanks for your comments...



Well done for getting out there, and doing all those exercises. I must get myself a foam roller, those calf exercises with them look good.

I don't do yoga but I do do core stability / Pilates, which involves lots of stretching and feel good moves as well as the more energetic crunches etc! Can thoroughly recommend it. Hope you get sorted with some classes that help.

Best of luck, pInkus!


Hi have you tried compression tights/socks ? the type you get following a hospital admission - when i first started i had a really sore tight left calf i did ice packs streching,massage & resting then thought i'd give the socks a try .....bliss now I run in them all the time with no problems at all .... go on give it a try ?


Thanks redfacewoman but dont they make you HOT !!! Its our hot aussie summer over here now, I think I would cook in them....I wear compression shorts and a tank top and I overheat as it is now.... !!!


Hi Pinkus, meant to say on my previous comment that I can thoroughly recommend Laura's (NHS Choices) Strength and Flexibility podcasts for limbering up those stiff muscles. They're really good to do on non-run days. Hope you're feeling less achey and stiff and that you're not TOO hot, my in-laws in Canberra tell me it's already 30 degrees which is quite warm early on in the summer! Meanwhile, it's freezing here in Yorkshire (northern England). Where are you in Oz? I lived in Adelaide and Melbourne for a few years!


Thanks Soozz I am in Adelaide, city of churches.....yes going to get quite warm here tommorrow going to be 40 C....so glad its a rest day and yes I think I may check out the Strength & Flex podcasts think they may be a good idea for non run days. I am feeling much better this afternoon though not so achey and stiff going back to see my chiro for another visit so hopeful I will soon be on the mend.

Pinkus :-)


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