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Calves really really tight - any tips to help?

I'm on week 3 and find that my calves are so tight even days after the jog - they are literally like one solid block. I am trying to do stretches both before and after the jog but just wondered if anyone else has the same problem and what you do?

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I was in great pain in my thigh fronts after W1R1 and read about milk after exercise. Have had milk as soon as finished each time since and had no repeat of pain. Also the leg strengthening exercises may help.


Thanks Beek, I have been reading through some of the other questions and saw that someone else mentioned milk - I'll give it a go - I'm assuming just a glass is ok?


Lots of bloggers have talked about the power of bananas as well as milk! I had the same problem from week 3 so because i didnt want to let it stop me brought compression socks, used deep heat before a run, made sure i did warm ups and stretches before and after and following a run if they were hurting applied ice, oh and had a banana about half hour before going out! It got me through week 3&4 and thankfully i dont seem to suffer now, I hope you find something that helps, good luck Ally x


Thanks for the great advice Ally, randomly I have started regularly buying bananas in the last week or two which I haven't done for months- perhaps I was sub-consciously listening to my body!

Are the compression socks the same ones you would buy for a long haul flight or sports ones?

It is reassuring to know if I try these various things it hopefully will improve.


I brought mine in Aldi, they often do sports wear but you have to be quick as they sell out quickly, I have also seen them in sports direct, happy eating!


I have a very tight calf following a torn calf muscle just after graduating. My physio advised me to try gentle stretching as a daily excercise and not to cold stretch just before a run. I have found that the main cause of my tightness was the varying pace between walking and running and now that I am no longer interval training and just running a lengthy run, things have eased up very well. I am hopeful you will find that as time goes on it gets less and less tight! My physio also pointed out that I have quite flat feet and as such may find that I am prone to tightness in the calves, even when I have good running shoes on. It might do you no harm to check your shoes and gait as altering those may help? Also a warm bath always helps me!


That's really interesting thanks, I have flat feet too (Unknown for years and caused all sorts of problems with my back including sciatica and a slipped disc which had to be operated on to remove.) I went to a proper sports shop to get my trainers and they did that thing were they watch you walk and run barefoot and then in the trainers.

With regards to altering my gait at the moment it is very very small paces as I am getting used to jogging for the longer (well 3 mins but it seems longer) phases. Is there anything else I can do?

I have a yoga dvd with a 15 min stretch thing at the beginning so I am going to start doing that and see if it helps.

Thanks again for your reply, it is so nice to hear that others have had the same problem and what you do for it.


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