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First "big" post grad run !

Well today was a first for me I graduated on monday ran thursday for the first post grad run and did my normal 30 minutes but at a much higher gradient - today i had time to kill whilst my car was being MOTd so took to the treadmill had did a 40 minute run and did more than 5K - not even tired but had to stop to pick up the car! so that was the first longer run ...ten minutes more than i'd done before and the first time i've done more than 5K it was almost as good as graduating .... happy old Red ! do the rest of you find this lark addictive??

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Yup. Strangely so. I've been trying to work out what it is about it...

I think it may be that wonderful feeling of being able to do something that you never thought you could. And you get spurred on by each little victory. So, for you, at the moment - it's being able to run more than 5K and for 40 minutes - and that will push you on to 10k etc., etc.

I have to say that the feeling of moving the body is pretty seductive too. When you give up the idea that relaxation is about flopping on the couch and doing nothing, and instead realise that moving to the point of exhaustion is much more relaxing but in a more enlivening way, then you don't want to give up that feeling.

Sounds like you're having a great post-grad experience. Onwards and onwards.


Yes, it's strange if like me you've never felt that way about strenuous exercise before - you hardly know yourself! Like Viv says it's using your body and that feels good, I feel like I was meant to do this all along just didn't know it.


ditto to both of you what goal shall i set for tomorrows run?? I have a huge carrot hanging in front of me our son gets married in March and I WILL NOT be a 50 year old fat mother in law! Plus the brides mother is very tall and slender she is my motivation !


I do wish these people would get of our website they are NOT welcomed nor wanted so BOG OFF !


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