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Couch to 5 Cakes

Thought I might skip running today but all the signs pointed towards me having to run. Going to be busy the next couple of day, the weather will be sunny where I am only for a couple of hours over lunchtime today, I will not be working where I thought, but rather in the location with the shower and nice streets to run in. OK I give up, I'll run.

I decided just to do a free run to my own music. No pressure and if I felt like it I could stop. But the voice in the back of my head was telling me, no way, you need to run the full 30 minutes. Was glad I did as I managed my best time yet, running 5k in 27.23. That was without consciously trying to be fast, so I think the training of speed and stamina is paying off.

A charity cake sale was taking place in my work so the 400 calories I burned probably came right back! Tasty though. OK I only had one cake, not 5.

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