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W1R2 - And the dog came too!

So I've realised that one of my problems is that I feel like a bit of a fraud - I don't want anyone to see me 'pretending' to run, so my way around that is to run in the dark. This brings its own problems - safety and stumbling around being two of them!

I also decided to take along the pooch as my 'cover' and it worked really well. She got in the way a few times when she wandered into my pathway, but it was her first time, so I'm gonna cut her some slack! I also felt as though I had a legitimate reason for being out on the streets and the dog loved it!

I'm having trouble choosing a route - its a bit hilly where I live and I also don't want to run on the main streets (don't want to be seen!) so I spent the first part of the run delicately running on a dirty, slippy muddy track (its rained all day...) Maybe I need to run in the daylight so that I can run on a better track. Ahhh...decisions, decisions...

Still enjoying it though. I've tried more stretching post exercise to try and ease the pains in my legs, although it was curtailed when my husband chopped the end of his finger off and had to go to hospital! he's still there 4 hours after the event...

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Hi Cookie blimey i hope the old man is ok! Well done on the the running though. The pain will ease as your body gets used to it and it does not take long. You need to take your time though, if you need to repeat runs or even weeks then do so. Its your body and you have to give it time. I am on week 3 but when i started i hadn't run for about 30 years, i am 47 now. Stick with it but run in the daylight and don't worry what people think, there are lots of runners around. Good luck, Ed x


Hi Cookie

Know how you feel :-) but you are as legit as anyone else!

Is there a local school oval or sport field you could go and run around? Might get boring but terrain would be consistent . I'm really lucky as we have great cycle and walkways that I use. Down side is that other people use them but as I'm finding out people are generally friendly and if they judge you for trying then they are the ones with a problem :-)

I am scare to run in the dark so run in early morning. I've found wearing sunglasses,

eve through they are not needed, give me some more confidence somehow.

As if by not having to let people look me in the eye its not as exposing? I know this is irrational but it helped me!

Hang in there, run in a safe place and you and your pup will thrive!


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