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How do I get to the elusive 5K?

So I've been doing C25K since August and have never felt the need to blog before now, The main reason for this, I think is that it’s all gone fairly smoothly. Not easy but not too difficult with no injuries (touch wood) and no more aches and pains than you would expect of a 56-year old woman who exercises sporadically and hasn’t actually run since junior school (and not very well then!). All in all pretty much according to plan – until now, that is! A week ago last Saturday I graduated – hurrah!! So, my first post-graduation goal was going to be our local park run. So – graduation week 1 I did Stepping Stones twice – again, not easy but I did it – although nowhere near 5K (about 3.75 to be precise). So I thought on Sunday I’d do the Stamina podcast and then a couple of runs this week and I’d be ready for the park run next Saturday . Well Stamina was a disaster. Hard work all the way through and gave up after about 30 minutes. I was gutted!!! Ruined my day! Anyone else have similar experiences? Where do I go now? Do I try Stamina again or do my own thing, run at my own pace for as long as it takes until I get to the elusive 5K. Should I try for the park run on Saturday but take it slowly? Or wait ‘til I’m a bit more confident I can actually do it? Sorry for all the questions but I do have 3 months’ worth to catch up on :o).

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You are doing brilliantly so dont knock it!

The follow on podcasts hadnt been released when I graduated so I just went out 3 times a week and tried to run a bit longer till I got to 5k (42 mins then). Then I did it a few more times. Then I got a bit bored so I downloaded a personalised programme from runners world (having entered a 10k charity event to train for over 8 wks!).

Dont worry how long it takes to do 5k on your own.

BUT do try parkrun so you have an idea and a benchmark against which to judge your progress, and if you are anything like me, I surprised myself by doing it in 38 mins even with a few short walk breaks, when it was taking me 42 mins on my own running all through!


Hi lolb, I've been working on stepping stones and the speed podcast too but have yet to psych myself up for the stamina one. I'm a bit like you, managed c25k without any major dramas or injuries and although some runs are better than others, I haven't had to stop at any time. So, I'm wary of the stamina podcast in case I can't do it and so have been putting it off! However, I do agree with Deryn, the parkrun would give you a time to try to beat on future runs. Good luck whatever you decide! :)


Definitely do a parkrun. I ran mine on my own for virtually the whole way - but I was so pleased that I managed to finish it. As long as you keep going you know that you'll definitely have done 5k and then you'll have a benchmark to run against after. Well done for getting through the programme so smoothly.


Ive not done a parkrun so cant really comment on that, although they do sound like a friendly welcoming bunch :)

after graduating I aimed for 5k as I wasnt there either. it took me a few weeks to build up to 5k so that was my next goal. I did try my own music but threw in a couple of lauras runs aswell & did my warmup walk then put the podcast back to the beginning so that I could add that 5mins to the run. eventually I got there & the feeling is fantastic.

if you take a look at audiofuel.com they have music designed with a beat per minute & this is very helpful. sometimes just having something new to concentrate on makes the time go quicker :)

good luck. hope it wont be long before you get to post your 5k news X


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