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A ship called dignity, Speed and intervals

Went out for my usual run today with Speed on the podcast. Why is it harder to do 165 bpm as a 1 minute interval than it is to maintain that speed for 5 minutes? seems odd to me but that is my experience anyway!

On my towpath route I have a number of landmarks that help me to clock up the k's. one of them is a little boat called "Dignity". The eponymous song by Deacon Blue always pops into my head when I run past that boat! Anyone else have some weird milestones on their running route?



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Love that song, Chocowit! As far as milestones are concerned I don't run a particular route all the time but find I do variations on a theme depending on which way the winds blowing, how dark it is, where the workmen are and basically, how I'm feeling! Happy running! :)


Great song. For me it's always the churchyard. Not only is it a beautiful building and surrounding it's always towards the end of my route that I run through it - so I know I don't have too far to go and it gives me some motivation to push on!


Mine is a pair of pillars by the walkway that I pass through after my warm up walk. Sometimes I turn around at the half way mark and then the pillars are my finish line. Sometimes I go too far beyond the half way mark before my turn and the pillars are off in the distance when I am low on steam. There, the finish line, I see it and a tiny little downgrade comes after it.


I have 3 routes that I run regularly. The one with an odd landmarks goes

"Tesco, noisy dog, first farm, plastic cow, power station, turn around in the lay-by".

The plastic cow is a life-size cow in the front garden of a house that used to be a farmhouse. There's also a couple of plastic pigs. They obviously miss their animals!

The power station isn't really a power station, or if it is it's a titchy one. I don't know quite what it is, but it looks industrial.


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