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week8 run 1 - disaster

Went out for first run of week 8 - started off ok but after fifteen minutes struggled to get my breath especially on the inclines due to the cold so had to stop and walk. I am considering repeating run one on sunday is this ok to do then do run 2 on tuesday on the treadmill or should I just carry on as I normally do - run 2 monday treadmill, run 3 wednesday (this week I can do it in daylight hours outside as am on annual leave)

This is the first time i have been unable to finish a long run.

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Hi ebony the idea of C25K is if you need to repeat runs or indeed weeks you can do. Just progress at a pace you can cope with. If you go outside your comfort zone you will become demotivated and all the running you have done will be wasted. Keep going Ed


Not a disaster Philippa, at least you were running and not on the couch! But boy, it was cold this morning and I really stuggled too with my breathing....

You should really try and have a rest day between runs to allow your muscles to repair themselves but I know you most probably just want to make the most of your time off work to fit in your runs so play it by ear and see how you feel Tuesday; just dont overdo it and get an injury.....Enjoy!



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