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Achilles update

Not been on for a bit due to not running at the moment. Had my 3rd lithotripsy yesterday and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be responding to the treatment. I have to go back in January and if no improvement may need to have surgery to repair the tear. While I don't want surgery, I certainly don't want this pain everyday. Got a bit of a dilemma though, because I really want to do the Edinburgh Moonwalk (which is impossible at the moment the way things are) and registration will be in the next couple of weeks. Spaces are very limited so if I want to do it, need to get in quick. The walk is on 8 June. While I am very appreciative of our NHS, they are not renowned for being very quick, so if in January they decide on surgery it could take months then of course the recovery.

Am not so worried about the registration fee but don't want to let my friend down as the whole Moonwalk idea was mine.....

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So sorry to hear about your problems, Angel! Can you apply for the Moonwalk and if you get a space have a reserve friend ready to take your place? I'm sure your friends will understand your dilemma. Good luck with your treatment and hope you get back to full fitness soon! :)


Drat! what a disapointment for you! Sorry to hear that! Its a good idea of oona's, Angel, to ask another friend to step in for you if need be. In the meantime you will have a goal to aim for.


Thanks for your comments guys. So frustrating but if I can't do the moonwalk 2013 will do it 2014! Happy running....pretty jealous lol


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