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week1 r2 better than I thought

Today I ran round the track in the gym for my w1r2. Initialy anxious as overweight and rather large chested. However really enjoyed it, even when joggong towards the mirror, I felt ok,first ftime or me for a long time. People smiled in a supportive way and not a snigger as I had dreaded. Anyone who lacks confidence, bite the bullet and do it-it felt great

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Well done!! Week 1 was the hardest for me confidence wise as I was terrified of people seeing me. You are doing fantastically if you are in a gym...congrats and keep running and blogging :)


Well done, newbie53! You've made a great start to changing your life! It's amazing how supportive most people are, I think they can appreciate the effort and nerve it takes to get started. Keep running and blogging - we're all here cheering you on! :)


Well done and well said!!

Gayle and I initially worried about what people would think or say when they saw old, out-of-shape people running. Not once did we ever hear or see anything negative! More often than not, the others were just as out of breath as we were and nothing other than a small wave or quick smile could be exchanged!!

You are off to a wonderful start...keep going...YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done! The hardest part is starting and you proved you have the determination to do it! I still have moments of being self-concience,but that usually ends quickly as I get caught up in running. As you progress, you gain confidence and you will also be aware that runners come in all different shapes and fitness levels. Well done you! Keep blogging and visiting this community here! Gayle


Oh I am glad it isn't just me that hasn't been able to run outdoors.......either it has been bucketing down with rain here or the forestry

footpaths are flooded with water and a sea of mud. I did W1R1 last week and haven't been able to go out since. So today will be a repeat of it but round and round my house...luckily I have a big sprawling house uncluttered with surplus furniture :)) I can't risk the roads round here as we get huge log lorries tearing around all the time and no footpaths at the side of the roads


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