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Back after 5 weeks out of action and it feels good

I have not run for 5 weeks as I got to W6R2 when my right knee could not take any weight. It took about 2 and a half weeks for that to heal and then I got the cold virus that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment so could not run because it was on my chest. Taking the advice from this forum above the neck OK to run below the neck then do not run. So feeling better yesterday I went to my local Sweatshop in Reading, again after reading good things about these stores on here, had my gait analysed and got a nice new pair of Nike shoes which should help keep my legs straight as a run and avoid the knee pain coming back. That is the theory anyway. I tried the treadmill in the shop as part of the analysis I have never run on a treadmill before so not successful, respect to all you out there that can run on these things they are not for me it’s the open road is for me. I thought the staff in the shop were brilliant, they did not mind an old duffer like me who did not really know what he was talking about, and they kept the shoes within my price range so would definitely recommend Sweatshop to anyone. Today I went back to W5R1 which is the 3 x 5 minute runs and managed to complete them even if the last 5 minutes was at a slower pace than my normal pace which I am sure you will appreciate is not Mo Farah pace. So back on the plan, let’s hope the running shoes solve my knee pain and my sights are set on graduation.

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Well done on getting back out there. Once you stop it is hard to get motivated again. Hopefully with the right shoes now you knee pain will be a thing of the past! Good luck with the rest of the plan looking forward to your graduation :-)


Glad you are back in the game pain and bug free! Yep, Sweatshirt are great and I highly recommend them too for their customer care, advice and no hard sell. Hope the shoes help with the knees and your journey to graduation will now be injury free. Sue


Hope the new shoes keep the knee pain away. It is amazing what the right shoes can do. Good Luck for your next runs. The green badge is beckoning!


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