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C25K - Divorce Medicine

I am currently going through a divorce, and having moved out of the marital home I found that I was wasting my evenings moping around, and feeling totally overwhelmed with what was happening in my private life, and drinking way, way too much.

By starting the C25K program I felt that I had regained some control over my life. This in combination with the natural high of completing each run really boosted my mood. A much better way of spending the evening rather than reaching for the bottle.

Up until today I had refrained from writing a blog post as I was not totally convinced that I would stick the program out. However, here I am at week 5 ready for run 2, and dare I say it I have really enjoyed the journey so far.

I am now totally convinced that I will finish the program, and if anything a little frustrated with the slow progress. However, I have followed the Laura rigidly to date, and will continue to do so, as she has promised me the end result, and I now have total faith in her.

Since starting I have dropped a couple inches on my jeans size, and I have so much more energy than before, not to mention the positive slant this has put on my mental well being. It has given me a sense of determination, and allowed me to focus on something positive that has made me feel that I can not only get through this program, but will soon be looking at the bridge to 10K.

Bring it on.....!

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Go for it puressence73. Sorry to hear you've been going through the wringer, but good to hear that you've found a way back. You're over half-way there now, and it goes so quickly.


It's such a positive thing to be doing and I'm sure running will help you through the coming months. Well done for not reaching for the bottle too. Lots of people have found that giving up smoking or cutting down their drinking is helped by doing the C25K. Keep posting and good luck with run 2 and 3 in week 5 :)


Fantastic blog, well done, onwards and upwards x


This is a joy to read and you should be proud of yourself. You are a total inspiration to get yourself up and on with life by finding a purpose. I take my hat off to you and look forward to reading your blogs.


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