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Help - pain in calf

I'm running week 7 run 3. Had no injuries up until today. Warmed up as normal, stretched etc and then ten minutes in my right calf sent out an awful pain. I had to stop and hobble home. Oh no, how long should I wait until I run again. Am very down about this as I have worked hard to achieve what I have done so far. Feeling miserable ....! Fearing that I will have to wait and then I won't be able to do the 25 mins again which was hard !

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This is probably not the answer you wanted to read but here goes... Me too! I over-did it at the gym at the weekend and my right calf (which has always been prone to cramping) has seized up. I missed my Monday run because of it and felt lots better so off I set today, was over ambitious and went for my longer distance with inclines and boy did I pay for it. This is the first time since I started running that I actually gave in and walked! I'm absolutely no help to you at all I'm afraid, but hopefully someone might have some advice for us both....


I pull my calf muscle a couple of month ago took a week off for it to recover and then tried again but no it went again half way through a run and I hobbled home gutted. It was so painful that I felt I may never run again. I didn't run for a whole two weeks although I did go for some long walks. Started running again but ensured that I stretched my calves out after my warm up walk and it has been fine since. When you decide to start running again take it easy I thought my calf was fine the first time I went back but only got 1.5 miles before it went again.


Hi there and thanks to both of you for the replies. I was going to give it a week and then try. I can walk now but it still hurts. I'm wondering whether I have actually torn anything. It's so annoying ! Tracy


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