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What shoes would you recomend for over pronation?

I only know of Asics and New balance because i went to Go Outdoors yesterday! What other makes are there, and which are best?

The asics are gel-virage 6, RRP £75, on their website for £45 or the new balance are RRP £80 on their website for £25...... The RRP would suggest the new balance is better... or perhaps reduced so much cus they are rubbish?? :) Any opinions?

(totally broke by the way - cost is a major factor!)

Many thanks!

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the asics website is really good for choosing shoes for overpronation as Im sure it has different type for different styles ~ overpronation, severe overpronation etc

I have asics. I slightly overpronate which gave me shin pain & wear gt2160 & gel-torrano. both of which suit me fine.

if it is possible for you to try them on a treadmill you should get a good feel for them. & remember to buy a bigger size or half a size bigger to allow for your feet expanding once you start running longer lengths of time, otherwise you may lose a toenail or two ~ eyuck :)


I'm really happy with my New Balance shoes and I've just bought a pair of NB trail shoes as well, as they were one of the few trail shoes with stability support.

As Shelley says though, best try them out on a treadmill if you can and find out which feels best for you. They are the most important bit of running kit you're going to buy and will make all the difference in avoiding injury so it's worth spending a bit of time getting it right.

Good luck :-)


I mildly overpronate and have Brooks Ravenna trainers. Best to try quite a few pairs of different makes. I have narrow feet and found Brooks and Saucony fit better for my foot than the Asics ones I had my heart set on.


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