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Over pronation advice


Any advice on how to improve my gait please?

Had my gait checked and have brooks adrenaline 19 shoes for it. Had a video taken of me running by a friend who belongs to a club, she suggested it and think i look so awkward running!

Will it improve as i run more, I'm on w8r2 or is it just me!

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I was over pronating too and bought a pair of Brooks GTS 17 Adrenaline running shoes after a gait analysis. I think you should not worry too much at the moment about running form. The fitter you get the better you will be. Did you get a gait analysis done yourself?

Everyone is different, we are all on a journey and none of us would be here on this forum if we were elite club runners with amazing running form.


Nannyto2Graduate in reply to damienair

I did and find mg shoes so comfortable. Thanks for the great support 😊


If you follow advice on good posture nyrr.org/youth/resources then your form will probably improve in time. Trying to force your body to do something that doesn't come naturally can create more problems and is best done under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Whatever we think, most of us do not look like gazelles when we run. Being relaxed and unselfconscious is the basis of good form.

Nannyto2Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I'm reading through the links you suggested, thanks for your support and advice 😊


At my gait analysis the guy said 70% of us over prontate. Don’t worry. You’re learning to run, and so is your body. As IannodaTruffe says working on your hair would take a professional trainer. You have the right shoes to help correct for this and if you take it nice and slow you’ll be fine. If you’re really worried about this in the Japanese slow jogging movement video on youtube, they do address a foot placement technique, it is something you can do alone as it’s very low impact and you are running slowly. But I wouldn’t worry, if you’re enjoying this and you have the right shoes, just carry on. You should see me run - I run this Japanese jogging way - I must look ridiculous! But I don’t care, I feel great!!


I've been running with the trail end of a virus and hoping to find w8r2 easier today. I've checked out the slow running, def going to me!

Thanks for your advice 😊

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