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Over pronation


I'm 9 weeks in to C25K and started getting mild pain in left ankle and inside lower leg. I'm confident it's over pronation. Am I okay to continue to run whilst I try and get a diagnosis etc?

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If you have done all the runs up to week 9 without noticing any painful niggles, what you are feeling now may just be stiffness from the longer runs..

That said, if you can, go to a proper running shop for a gait analysis, take your running shoes and they will tell you if you have the correct support.

Are you on Wk 9 ? Take more rest days between runs, make sure you are stretching after your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm. Try doing some toe raises and gentle heel drops on a stair/step...after your run.

There are descriptions of some good stretches to do on the healthunlocked c25k website.

If that mild pain gets worse or feels like more than stiffness then best not to run on it. A proper running shop should help, but I feel you would have experienced problems earlier in the program if your footwear is unsuitable for your gait.

Good luck and take care.x

Thanks so much. Yes I've done all the runs and always taken a rest day. I'd say the pain started as a niggle about a week ago and is now a bit more pronounced. I feel it more after the run rather than during it. Saying that, it's a niggle that doesn't go away now - and it WAS just the inside of my ankle but now spread to my lower leg.

I know I have over pronation because you can spot it easily from my gait just walking.

I've never done any stretches, just the warm up and down brisk walks, so I'll try that - thanks for the tip.

I'm just desperate not to stop the programme, I've never run before and so glad to finally be doing regular exercise.

Appreciate you responding.

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to MancNewbie

Try the stretching, extra rest days and getting a gait analysis, but be sensible the runs will wait if this doesn't help and seek medical advice.

What do you think @lannodatruffe and @Oldfloss...

Oh stupid me!! I mean I am on Week 6 NOT Week 9 !!! 😳 Will definitely take on all you've mentioned. Looking up those stretches as we speak: no idea what a toe stretch or a heel drop is #wholenewlanguage Many thanks indeed.

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to MancNewbie

In that case, your running shoes may not be giving you enough support...

Best to take a week or so out and get your footwear sorted. It will make such a difference to have proper support and avoid further injury...

Frustrating I know but the runs will be getting longer at this point.😯x

"There are descriptions of some good stretches to do on the healthunlocked c25k website" Can't find these - are they on this website then? Planning to get to a specialist running shop this weekend! Thanks again 👍

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to MancNewbie


Try this...😊

V nice of you to find for me - thank you!

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to MancNewbie

You're welcome...wasn't sure I knew how to paste an address.. there's this too


Which you might find helpful😊

Maybe see a podiatrist who can advise you on what to do. There are lots of good insoles out there that don't cost a fortune, and will support your feet effectively.

Toe raises ( sometimes called heel or calf raises) are a good exercise. I would say don't keep running if there's pain or you will make it worse, and then it takes longer to get better!


Bluebirdrunner has given you great advice....and it does really sound like you should get this checked out...we are not medical experts... but, we never run through pain. especially if, as you say it is spreading.

The unseen damage that we can do to our legs can often result in a spell on the IC. If you have come this far without stretching , you have been very, very lucky not to have been on the IC. Micro tears in our muscles, not only need the rest day to heal, but also the stretching and rolling regime, helps unknot the muscles in our legs.

Core strength exercises and stamina along with stretches after runs are essential to help the the building up of the running muscles and for keeping us strong and safe.

If you have done this... you will keep the habit... but if you don't start taking care of yourself.. gosh.. you could be crocked for a while!

The runs start getting longer from Week 6.... a good regime... and the correct shoes are absolutely essential. Go get checked:)




Some useful stuff here..:)

MancNewbie in reply to Oldfloss

Hello there, thanks so much. What is the IC? And should I stretch before AND after? I have only NOT done stretching upto this point because I'd read the brisk walk was sufficient for warm up and warm down. But more than motivated to start them ☺️

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to MancNewbie

The IC is the injury couch......... don't go there.

I only ever stretch (the ones Jan-now-runs suggested) after every single run. These are static stretches and should only be used on warm, pliable muscles. The pull on the muscle group should be quite strong, on the verge of being uncomfortable.

Stretching before a run, if done, should be dynamic stretching, such as lunges. Best to do your own Googling if going that way.

Regarding shoes, do as Jan suggested, taking your old shoes with you and be prepared to run on a dreadmill for a couple of minutes. Go a specialist running shop.


Hi there

Wondering if you have got your foot/ leg checked out :)

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