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W8R1 Tomorrow Without Laura!

I stuck with Laura for W7R1 and 2 but I did run 3 with my own music and it made such a difference! I found myself running faster and at a steadier pace to music that I knew rather than the C25K music. I was considering using the podcasts for tomorrows run but I think I would find it boring going back to that music now.

I managed to do run 3.49km in 27 minutes on my last run (managed 2 extra minutes there!!) so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to see how far I can go in 28 minutes, hopefully by run 3 I'll be able to run 4K in 28 minutes. I doubt I'll reach 5K in 30 minutes but that's another goal I can set myself after I've finished the 9 weeks.

Soooo close to the end now!!

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So very close!!!! You will be a graduate before you know it!! Congrats on making it into week 8 and keep running!!!! :-) Gayle


Snap! Reading your blog was very similar to one of mine - did the same thing and swapped Laura for my own music and it made a big difference! Well done - almost there!


Well done. You are so close to graduating. Enjoy your final runs of the program with your own music.

I’ve been running to the same album every time for 7 weeks now.... having the kaiser chiefs with me works for me. I find it useful for pacing how far through the time I am.

Although I might have to find something faster paced once I’ve finished week 9 to see what difference it makes.

Lots of luck with you final runs - you will do it 😄


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