Couch to 5K

W8R1 Tomorrow Without Laura!

I stuck with Laura for W7R1 and 2 but I did run 3 with my own music and it made such a difference! I found myself running faster and at a steadier pace to music that I knew rather than the C25K music. I was considering using the podcasts for tomorrows run but I think I would find it boring going back to that music now.

I managed to do run 3.49km in 27 minutes on my last run (managed 2 extra minutes there!!) so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to see how far I can go in 28 minutes, hopefully by run 3 I'll be able to run 4K in 28 minutes. I doubt I'll reach 5K in 30 minutes but that's another goal I can set myself after I've finished the 9 weeks.

Soooo close to the end now!!

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So very close!!!! You will be a graduate before you know it!! Congrats on making it into week 8 and keep running!!!! :-) Gayle


Snap! Reading your blog was very similar to one of mine - did the same thing and swapped Laura for my own music and it made a big difference! Well done - almost there!


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