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tis getting closer now :)

only 17 weeks to go now & was a good girl in that I have managed to keep to my plan with the kids off school. nearly didnt go out this morning as it was chucking it down & blowing a gale, but braved it & am so pleased I did. this week was my "easy" week so my long run dropped down to 4miles & I added my heart rate monitor today & am very surprised that my max hr was 180bpm (usually goes up to 189bpm) & my average was 166bpm. now this is great news for me as the average in the past has been around the 179bpm mark. havent used the monitor for about 6 weeks so I feel that this is a vast improvement :) I think this means that I am running more efficiently?? hehe.

plan for this week

tuesday ~ 3mile easy run

thursday ~ pilates class

thursday at the gym or friday outside ~ hill training session

sat or sun ~ long run but back up to ?? my last long run was 7.5miles so not sure if I go back up to that or down to about 6miles? am gonna post a question to those in the know!

again, down in writing so that I stick to it. x

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