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The slow one now will later be fast

I had added Dylan's 'Times they are a Changin'' to my run playlist, as I had an extra few minutes to fill. And the line in the title seemed rather apt this morning.

A muddy path today with lots of puddles, one of which I stepped in and soaked y foot. Many dogs, bikes, a horse and other runners, two of whom powered past me at twice my speed. In fact my speed was identical to my last run which is fine.

But with the extra time I cracked the 5k mark which was a big surprise, in fact 5.09 km according to the app thingy. Not too convinced about the accuracy but ballpark is good enough for me. And maybe I'll later be fast, thanks Mr Zimmerman.

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Wow, 5.09k in 30 mins? That is a fantastic time, mabbers! I'm using stepping stones to try to bring my time for 5k down under 30. So far got to 34mins. In fact you've inspired me to get out my lazy bed and get dressed in my running gear! We had rather a late night, more alcohol than I'm used to (3 vodka and cokes! What can I say? I'm a light-weight!) and a disturbed night due to the caffeine. Wish me luck!


hope that went well Oona. Run off that hangover!


Made it in one piece, thank you mabbers! Think the alcohol was sweated out okay but my time for the speed podcast wasn't any faster although I did managed to jog on a bit once it was finished, so that's progress! Glad I went out, thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! :)


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