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First ParkRun done!

Just back from Black Park and my first ParkRun. Considering this is a park I use regularly to walk my dogs (though not at 9am on a Saturday :-)) I had no idea about ParkRun until I joined this forum. I was astonished and intimidated by the volume of very fit looking runners spilling out of their cars and considered going back home, but my husband was in the car with one of our dogs so I couldn't really turn tail :-). So I joined the throng and after some instruction off we went!

I walked a few short stretches due to the stitch but ran more than 4.9 I'd say. Still waiting for my real time, but I think it was around 35mins, which would be a PB (I've only run 5k once and that was 38mins).

Definitely will back next week and hope to go every week from now on.

Thanks everyone for your comments and inspiration last night :-)

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Well done Caroline, you must feel so chuffed that you didnt turn back and now have this under your belt! I think its a great thing to do whenever you can; I must get myself along to my local one....How did you find it running with so many others? Sue


It was fine. I just hung out at the back for the "off" and settled with some similarly slow runners and it was ok. The longer we ran the more strung out the pack was.

I finished in 35.52 minutes. I was 320nd out of 364, I was the 105th woman to finish and was 20th in my age group. My age graded score was 47.91% - but I don't really understand this yet. I'm assuming it means I was half as slow as the best person in my age group in the world. As I'm a beginner I assume this is ok - any views??

I have to say I've been in a high all day! I've nearly lost five stone and today brought some slim cut jeans and a pair of knee high boots (the first time my legs have been slim enough - ever), so I'm happy, happy, happy :-))


Sounds like fun! You have inspired me to find a park run in Poole Caroline. Well done on your weight loss too :-) Good that you have treated yourself-will inspire you to keep going. I have lost 12lb, so nearly a stone, and aim to lose another 2st before my son's wedding in March.


Well done! Its a big step doing parkrun the first time, I remember I was so nervous going along the first time, (and I only went because my sis held my hand - not literally, she is about 10 mins faster over 5k than I was!).


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